Spiritual Life

A Primary Distinctive of our School Family

The spiritual life at Providence is a primary distinctive of our school family. A focus on Jesus Christ is echoed in all that we do.  Praying for one another and the needs around our world is a regular part of classroom experiences. Each teacher, preschool through 12th grade, seeks to help students understand the importance and application of having a Christian world view – seeing the world as God would have us to understand and live.

Consequently, the Bible is held as the source of all truth for living our lives. The principles of God’s Word are used to teach and admonish in each dimension of Providence – academically, socially, in athletics and of course, spiritually. Our high school Bible department offers many semester-long Bible courses from which to learn and experience Truth for living.
Our elementary school teaches Bible in each grade with supportive Bible curriculum. Weekly chapel experiences are conducted for grades Preschool-7 and are designed to be age-appropriate. Fifth through seventh grades have their Chapel followed by K-4 on Wednesdays. Every year will have a theme associated with their chapel. 

In the high school, our week revolves around “AXIS” each Wednesday through the school year. “AXIS” is a central time in the week for the students to gather in praise and worship to our God along with teaching from God’s Word. A team of students plans the weekly experiences using video, music and other verbal expressions of biblical truth. It is designed for the student that knows Jesus in a personal way as well as for those who are seeking to know Him.

Juniors and seniors disciple 8th through 10th graders during a time of mentoring each week. Breakthrough Groups are an effective way to reach the underclassmen and build strong relationships between the students.

“Encounter” is a highlight for middle and high school students each fall. This two-night event is held at off-campus sites for grades 8-11. Grades 5-8, and 9-12 each have separate locations.The purposes of these encounters include building community in our school, growing in their own God-encounters, and preparing for the challenges that students will face in life during the school year. The Senior class spends five days at “Encounter” to help draw them to be firmly rooted and grounded in their faith, (sophomores and juniors join with them on the third day at their location).  Guest speakers and musicians accompany us at each Encounter location.

 Each of our Christian teachers and administrators strive to model and teach God’s Word. Providence is in a covenant relationship with the home to bring biblical nourishment, encouragement and challenge to each student.

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