COVID-19: Safeguarding Our Families

At Providence, our goal is to provide the safest possible form of a normal school year so that our students get an excellent education, a life-giving community, and the opportunity to grow in Christ.

We have created a tiered plan with four levels that allows us to adjust our safety measures based on current conditions. This multi-tiered approach provides an agile and flexible approach versus a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Providence opened for in-person instruction on Wednesday, August 12th, and is offering an alternative online option for families who prefer it. We are continually monitoring conditions, and should they change, we are ready to adjust to ensure our students receive a high-quality education.

Because the safety and health of our families and staff is a top priority, our plan was created based on expert recommendations (CDC, GA Department of Public Health, American Academy of Pediatrics) and the work of our school's task force to most effectively reduce the spread of the virus on campus.

Safety Protocols

An Ever-Changing Environment

One of the challenges we all face is the constantly changing nature of the pandemic and the recommendations for how to respond. We have a plan in place, but we know that the advice of experts and orders from government officials can change. We will adjust our plans as necessary.

An Alternative to In-Person Instruction

If in-person school is not feasible because of health concerns, we want to work with you to arrange a solution for your family. Please contact the appropriate principal to arrange a virtual alternative.

Returning to Remote School Schoolwide

We are committed to a safe in-person learning environment. However, if conditions require that we close our campuses, we are prepared to transition to an even more robust version of the high-quality remote school we provided last spring.