Reflecting on Black History Month

Dear Providence Community,

My name is Kortni Gardenhire, and I'm a senior here at Providence. As we reflect on Black History Month, I think it's very important for us to remember the legacies and accomplishments set forth by amazing black leaders. It's sometimes easy for us to dismiss the past. However, without the acknowledgment of the past, we also cannot acknowledge what they had to overcome. These individuals had to overcome antagonism, malice, and hatred in order to create history. There were numerous remarkable African Americans that made not only African American history but also American history.

Clara B. Williams showed dedication and persistence by taking notes standing up outside of her segregated classroom, and she proceeded to graduate at the age of fifty-one. Martin Kilson overcame all odds by becoming the first black appointed professor at Harvard University. The Tuskegee Airmen showed bravery by protecting our country in their segregated unit in the air force during WWII.

If we forget about the contributions made by African Americans to society, we would forget about history. Here at Providence, there are many opportunities to educate and remind K-12 students about those contributions. During Black History Month, we've had the opportunity to discuss the hardships that black athletes, business owners, and several other pioneers had to overcome to be successful. Despite the trials and tribulations that those men and women had to endure, God has remained faithful and never broke His promise.

Black History Month is personal to me because it allows me to recognize the contributions, achievements, and sacrifices of African Americans in the United States.

I challenge us all to be dedicated in everything that we do, defying odds by being our best, and displaying bravery by loving everyone despite the color of their skin like Christ did.

Kortni Gardenhire, Providence Senior