Support the Providence Fund

Providence is a unique school because we work in partnership with the Christian home. We are more than an educational institution; we are a Christian community, “united with Christ…like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose.” The “difference” people see in our school is observed in the experience, energy and enthusiasm of our faculty and staff, the care and loving nature of our families, and joy and responsibility with which our students pursue their studies and their friendships.
The Providence Fund is an annual fundraising campaign. For several years we have been moving toward having tuition cover the annual operating costs while the Providence Fund provides resources for capital improvements. Reaching our annual goal has funded projects such as: paving the elementary parking area; replacing the elementary roof; and repairing/painting the exterior wall. These projects are part of our 10-year improvement plan.

There are two objectives for the Providence Fund. The first is participation. Demonstrating a high percentage of participation by school families is essential when applying for foundation grants. Each gift, regardless of size, counts toward the percentage total.

The second objective is to reach the funding goal. For those faithfully supporting the fund in the past, we ask you to consider a gift equal to or greater than last year’s gift. For new participants, we ask that you seek a level with which you feel comfortable and join us in caring for and improving what God has provided. 

ACH Authorization for Contributions

If you would like to donate to Providence using an automatic monthly bank draft, you may print an authorization form by clicking here. Please return the form and a voided check to the Advancement Office. Automatic bank drafts will occur on the 20th of each month.