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We're emphasizing family participation in the Georgia Tuition Tax Credit program (also known as Georgia GOAL) during spirit week.

The Georgia TuitionTax Credit Program is an excellent way for you and/or your business to help provide scholarships for eligible Providence students by redirecting the state taxes you already pay and getting a tax credit.

It's easy to participate and makes a big difference for public school families who want to attend Providence but need financial assistance.

Here's what we're asking you to do. Take a few minutes to:

  1. Watch the brief video above
  2. Acknowledge you've done so using this online form
  3. Filling out the form gives your student automatic credit toward a reward for their class


Preschool-7th Grade

Grade levels where 100% of parents acknowledge they've watched the video by Friday, October 21st, will get an ice cream sundae party.

High school - Lilburn and Johns Creek

If parents acknowledge they've watched the video by October 31st
If 100% of parents in a student advisement group watch the video by Monday, October 31st, students in that advisement group get an out-of-dress-code day on December 12th.