Junior Varsity Volleyball

Team Overview

I am beyond thrilled to be leading the Junior Varsity squad at Providence this season!

My primary goal for these athletes is that they continue to love this sport.  To do so, they will have many opportunities to compete and develop their abilities on the court. 

My teaching methods include a mistake-based culture, coupled with guided discovery principles.  I would much rather my athletes understand the "why" of this sport, and so they are given freedom to fail as they explore multiple opportunities to succeed and develop into critical thinkers. 

Finally, I want to ensure that they leave my program not only better athletes, but better human beings.  One way that I accomplish this is by getting to know them on a personal level.  We are each on a journey through life where this temporary intersection has brought us together.  I want to ensure that they leave this program with the knowledge that I care for them outside of the sport as well.  

Junior Varsity Volleyball Schedule

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