Hot Weather Practice Policy

With the extremely high temperatures we have been experiencing recently, you need to know that our coaches are familiar with our published hot weather practice guidelines about the importance of hydrating players before, during and after workouts, and about modifying or canceling workouts when conditions warrant. We observe and follow the recommendations on the GHSA web site which also contains information from various parts of the medical community about dealing with heat illness.

Please know that we choose to err on the side of caution and our coaches are asked to be in compliance with our mandated hot weather written policy. The football, cross country, and softball head coaches all have an assigned scientifically approved instrument (SkyScan Thermal Indicator) that measures the heat index which we utilize at each practice this time of year to ensure that the written policy safety guidelines are being followed properly. An assigned sport coach or the school provided certified athletic trainer on site must determine the heat/humidity levels using either wet bulb globe temperature readings or head index readings.

We do everything we can to maintain responsibility for following these guidelines and using the appropriate discretion during the abnormally hot days during this time of year as it relates to looking out for the safety of you student while participating in Providence athletic practices and games.