Middle School Basketball
Jay Ovalles, Head Coach

Our mission is to empower and develop young women of great influence. We work to increase our players' influence through the mantra of #TCD which stands for Trust, Commit, Delight.
Trust - the ability to rely on someone other than yourself
Commit - the choice to attempt to be your best at something despite struggle and failure
Delight - the enjoyment we can have that comes from the feeling of improving at something
Basketball Values
1. Toughness - We develop our players to play with toughness on the defensive end and through the rebounding
2. Shooting - We pay special attention to teaching our players the footwork, technique, and fundamentals of shooting
3. Playing with the pass - We play a brand of basketball dependent upon ball movement and player movement
Every drill, every game, every fundamental that we teach in practice is an attempt to improve one of the three values above.
Email Director of Girls Basketball, Seth Kindig (s.kindig@providencechristianacademy.org) with any questions.