Middle School Cross Country

Building for the Future
Middle School is a time to have fun and a time to grow.  The goal of middle school cross country at Providence is to introduce 6th-8th grade students to a fun and challenging sport.  Cross country is fun because we work hard and play together as a team.  It is challenging because we run and strive to do our best.  Many might say that middle school sports are not important, but they are.  They are important because middle school students matter.  Cross country prepares students through success, failure, and discipline.  The Providence cross country program looks to build students up in all aspects of life.  It looks to grow young athletes into faithful men and women of God.  It looks to prepare students for high school and life.  
We want to build middle school athletes' character and if that happens to build the cross country program in the process, all the better.  Many middle school runners go on to run in high school and many find great success.  We want to honor the Lord, seek Him, mature together, and have lots of fun on the run.

Middle School Cross Country Schedule

Team Opponent Date Time Location Result Score
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Middle School 2018 Cross County Roster


8th Grade: 
Selena Wright
Monique Hernandez
Jaden Greiner
Hannah Wright
Annaliese Lindskoog


8th Grade:  
David Owens
Brian Oh
Wyatt Foster
Tihute Solomon
Ben Lowndes


Cross Country Coaching Staff  

Jonathan Preg
Head Boys & Girls Cross Country Coach


The cross country facility is located at the Lussi Athletic Complex.

4525 Wynne Russell Dr.
Lilburn, GA 30047

Team Records

All-Time Top Ten Runners

 1. Tayler Tuttle 17:32   2013 Foxhall
 2. Jennifer Woollery 19:02   2017  Foxhall
 3. Emily Swanigan 19:24   2015 Daffin Park
 4. Sydney Hendricks   19:25   2014 Foxhall
 5. Ayden Drake 19:29   2017 Foxhall
 6. Allison Kreutzer 19:31 2003 Carrollton
 7. Ellie Thomas 19:49   2011 McIntosh
 8. Evangeline Crist 19:53   2010 McIntosh
 9. Lauren Kelly 20:14   2008 McIntosh
 10. Becca Stewart 20:15  1996 Riverside
 1. James Watkins 16:18   2010 McIntosh
 2. Elias Crist 16:40   2008 Clinton Farms
 3. Stephen Dubbert 16:44   2010 McIntosh
 4. Jonathan Duffie 16:48   2011 Clinton Farms
 5. Landon King 16:54   2017 Foxhall
 6. Sammy Clough 16:56   2014 Foxhall
 7. Duncan Gotfredson 16:58   2014 Foxhall
 8. Joel Duffie 16:58   2017 Foxhall
 9. Kris Ward 16:59  2004 Westover
 10. Luke Hudson 17:03   2017 Foxhall