Providence Athletic Program's Mission Statement

To build a God honoring and fun athletic environment for students to develop their athletic skills, leverage their athletic experiences, to encourage spiritual growth and enable a pursuit of competitive excellence.

Athletics...The Providence Way

Providence Christian Academy is a special and unique school.

The Athletic Department's goal is to mirror on the athletic fields the culture taught and encouraged every day in our classrooms and on our campus.
We do strive to win team and individual region and state championships in every sport. But we want to do it the Providence Way ... that is, in a way that is spelled out in our Mission Statement. 

We want our student-athletes to be leaders on the court and field, in the school and in their communities. We want our coaches to work to create an atmosphere of discipleship as well as athletic development. We want our students and fans to show the schools we are competing against a spirit of hospitality and respect.

In a nutshell, we want to do everything we can in a manner that truly brings glory to God! 
Sean West
Director of Athletics