Tuition and Fees

For the 2019-2020 School Year

The cost for enrolling a student at Providence Christian Academy involves both tuition and fees.


The following fees are payable in full and are non-refundable.

New Applicant Fee: $90 per student.

Admission Assessment Fee (if needed):  $75 per student.

Commitment Fee: $600 per student. The commitment fee is paid annually for each student. For new students, this fee is due after acceptance, at the time of enrollment.

Billing Change Fee: $25 is charged when changing tuition payment plans after your billing has been completed.

Tuition Protection Fee: This year, you will see a new Tuition Protection fee added to your account. This $125 fee will cover most of your family’s tuition balance in the event you are unable to finish the school year due to certain circumstances such as a job relocation or a student's serious illness.

New International Student Applicant Fee: $300 per student (students are considered "international" if they are in the United States with an I-20.) Application Fee MUST be paid online. We accept VISA, MC, Discover, and American Express credit and debit cards. (Note: not all cards issued outside the U.S can be accepted. Please check with your card issuer to confirm that it is authorized for and compatible with U.S. transactions.)

International Student Registration: Grades 3-12: $3,900 per student. All Orientation Fees, if applicable, must be sent in one payment to the Providence International Student Coordinator, Michelle Gillis at E & M Consulting. E & M, as our consultant, will pay the billed amount to the school.  You can contact Ms.Gillis at

Annual Tuition


Resident  International (I-20)
Kindergarten $8,790 ---
Pre-First $9,690 ---
Grades 1 to 4 $10,390 $10,390*
Grades 5 to 7 $12,990 $12,990*
Grade 8** $16,620  $16,620* **
Grades 9 to 12 $18,000 $18,000*
Selective Studies Annual Tuition
(for students with diagnosed learning challenges)
ES/MS One class $3,100
ES/MS Two+ classes $6,000
ES/MS Accommodations $870
ES Orton-Gillingham (K-3rd) $1,860
HS Study Skills 902 $5,400
HS Accommodations $870
Add-on Services:
5th, 6th & 7th Grade Study Skills Class
Contact Karen Smith (email) to determine
availability and to sign up for Study Skills.
STEM Participation (Grades 9-12 only) $360/year
Fun in the Afternoon  click here
**8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip (required) $750 (estimated)

Billing Information

Providence uses the Facts Tuition Management Company to manage all tuition accounts. Your tuition will be billed through FACTS and you will make your tuition payments to FACTS.  

If you already have a FACTS account, your 2019-2020 tuition plan will be renewed using the same payment method (check, ACH bank draft, or credit card) that you are currently using. If you would like to change that payment method, please notify the Business Office by calling 770.279.3934 at the time you enroll your student.

If you do not currently have a FACTS account, the school will create one for you as part of its billing process in 2019. When that is complete, FACTS will email you instructions for creating a password and setting up a secure login for your account. With your secure login, you will have 24-hour access to your account, balances, and other key information. You will also be able to choose to pay from invoices (mailed or emailed to you), have your tuition automatically deducted from your checking or savings account, or have your tuition automatically charged your credit card. Please note: FACTS charges 2.85% of your tuition amount as a convenience fee when you pay by credit card.

Payment Schedule Options

Annual: One full payment of the family's tuition due on or before June 5, 2019. FACTS charges a $20 annual management fee. There will be a $25 late fee if your payment is not made by the due date.

Tri-Pay: Three equal payments of tuition due on or before June 5, September 5, December 5, 2019.  FACTS charges a $20 annual management fee. There will be a $25 late fee if your payment is not made by the due dates.

Monthly: Ten equal payments due June 2019 through April 2020, with one payment-free month (in either December or February).  FACTS charges a $45 annual management fee for monthly billing. There will be a $25 late fee for any monthly payment not completed by the due date.

Important items that may affect your payment schedule: FACTS account billing for students enrolling November through January will be finalized in early February. After that, your billing will be finalized two weeks after you enroll. If you enroll after payment plans have begun (June 2019), you will be charged 10% of your tuition, in addition to the commitment fee, at the time of enrolling, to go towards missed payments.

*International students select annual pay only.

Selective Studies

Selective Studies classes are designed to support students in grades 1-12 who have a diagnosed condition that interferes with learning or who would benefit from a class to become successful in specific areas of the academic curriculum. Permission from the Selective Studies Director and High School or Elementary/Middle School Principal must be obtained prior to registering for Selective Studies. You can contact the Selective Studies Director, Andrea Proctor, directly at 770.279.3938 or via email at

Tuition Grant Program

Limited funding is available through a need-based financial aid grant program. For more information, please see Tuition Grant Information section on the Providence website.

Providence Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its admissions policies, educational policies, athletic and other school-administered program.