Special Education

The STEP Program (Students Excelling to their Potential)

The STEP Program is a Special Education program offered to students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities at our Lilburn campus.

STEP provides students who have special needs with a caring learning environment designed to provide the maximum support needed for them to grow and reach their highest potential. Students receive a quality, Christ-centered education where their academic instruction is individually modified.

STEP is a self-contained model where most core academic subjects are taught in a self-contained classroom by a trained Special Education teacher. When a student is emotionally, academically, and socially ready, there are opportunities for inclusion in the general classroom. All students in the program participate in other grade-level activities such as electives and specials, chapel, field trips, class parties, and Field Day. Our high school STEP program includes vocational skills training and opportunities to serve in the community.

Guided Study Program (Providence Johns Creek only)

The Guided Study Program at Providence Johns Creek is designed for students in grades 9-12 currently enrolled in grade-level academics but who require academic support to achieve success. Each student in this program will have an individual support plan in place and meet regularly with their Guided Study Teacher in a small group setting. Students in this program are required to meet high school academic standards in order to receive a College Preparatory Diploma.

Tuition and Contact Information

A total of $8,500 is added to the cost of tuition for either of these programs.

If you are interested, please contact Cindy Chadwick, Director of Selective Studies and Special Education  c.chadwick@providencechristianacademy.org to set up a time to talk.