Fun In The Afternoon

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of this program is to serve Providence families by providing quality educational, recreational, and social programs for students grades K-7 after the scheduled school day.
The Goals of Fun in the Afternoon 

  • To provide homework/study time and assistance if necessary for Providence students in grades K - 7.
  • To provide a structured and safe environment for instruction in various sports designed to enrich and prepare students for formal sports programs.
  • To provide an opportunity for free play in age appropriate centers and activities.
  • To provide students an opportunity for supervised playground time in addition to the time allotted during the regular school day, thereby encouraging exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Program Fees

Regularly occurring Fun in the Afternoon charges will be billed through each family's tuition account. These fees are in addition to tuition.

Full-Time Rates (3 or more days per week)

  • Monthly: $360.00 due on the first day of each month.
  • Annual: $3,300.00 due on August 1st

Enrolled parents, visit the online registration page here to sign up.

Contact: Tom Duncan at 678.575.2082 or