What Can Student Services Do For You?

Academic Advisement 8-12: Counselors assist students and parents with course selection for each school year.

Schedules: Class schedules are created and printed by this office. Schedules are made available for viewing on the parent and student portals approximately one week before school begins.
Individual Counseling/Professional Referrals: Parents and students may request outside professional help from one of our counselors.
Report Cards/Progress Reports: Weekly progress can be tracked on the parent and student portals. Hard copies of report cards will be mailed at the end of each semester.
Testing and Interpretation (PSAT for 9th-11th, PLAN for 9th & 10th and EXPLORE for 8th):  Tests are administered each fall with results returned and explained in January.
Certificate of Attendance for Driver’s License or Permit: Fill out the request located here. Allow three school days for processing. Certificates expire in 30 days, but those issued at the end of May will be valid throughout the summer.
Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) Certificate: This is required when students get their drivers’ licenses. We can print them if a student took Health in 9th grade at Providence and passed the ADAP unit. Fill out the request and allow three school days for processing (five business days in summer).

Work Permits: Fill out work permit online and have your employer fill out their portion online. Then bring the code to the front office and we will issue the work permit. Please allow three school days for your permit to be completed.
College Admissions: Counselors guide students and parents in the college search process, which begins primarily during the junior year.
Counselor Recommendations: Students should complete and submit our request form along with their resume at least 10 days prior to a deadline.

HOPE Scholarship: Transcripts are submitted by our office to the Georgia Student Finance Commission for HOPE scholarship tracking.
Transcript Requests: Students should complete the form at least three school days before any deadline (allow for five business days in the summer). Official transcripts embossed with the school seal are mailed directly to other institutions.