Relationships, Rigor and Results

In Preschool through Seventh Grade


Connie Adams

Connie Adams, Elementary and Middle School Principal

Providence Christian Academy is a school where families work together to create the strongest learning environment possible for each child. Starting at the very beginning with kindergarten and progressing through seventh grade in our middle school, our goal is to partner with parents as their children grow academically and spiritually to impact a world that is yet to be imagined.

We realize that a positive relationship with students, parents, and most importantly with Christ is key. We know that you are sharing your greatest gift with us, and that your desire is to see them grow into the young man or woman God has planned. We understand that each is created in the image of God, with unique interests, learning styles, and gifts that can be used to glorify God. Parents and teachers work together to make Jesus real at every age, and to help our students unveil the plan He has for them. Daily Bible classes, weekly chapel, and class prayer time reinforce the opportunity for spiritual growth and understanding.

As we begin to explore the plan that God has for each of us, we create a learning environment where students can discover, practice, and succeed in ways that build confidence, responsibility, and the desire to do their best in every situation. While we include direct instruction in phonics, our reading curriculum includes Reader's Workshop. Our math and science programs highlight hands-on STEM activities that open the door to real-world application. Some days things come easy, while other days require more effort; but all days are filled with loving guidance, high expectations, and the anticipation of what God will do next. We offer a complete academic menu that is complimented by a full offering of physical education, music, art, and Spanish. Our students are proof positive that strong academics and purposeful biblical integration will prepare them to compete and impact their world for Jesus.

The results are clear. Our students continually score in the upper quartile on the Terra Nova III Achievement Test in reading, math, and total score. They are motivated to serve their community and understand strength and compassion are equal partners to competition and sportsmanship. In addition, our students encourage each other to discover their talents and celebrate their gifts through drama, music and art.

Relationships, Rigor and Results. These words describe who we are and what we do. More importantly, they describe how we do it and who we do it for!

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