Advanced Placement and Honors Programs

Advanced Placement Program

The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program enables students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school. Providence offers the following AP classes: Studio Art, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, English Literature, European History, Human Geography, Spanish, and U.S. History. Based on the individual student’s performance on the national exam given in the spring, a student can earn college credit and/or advanced placement depending upon the college entered after high school.

AP classes are extremely challenging! Each AP class is equivalent to a college course. Students can plan on much more work outside of class than traditional high school courses. Each student must carefully consider other extra-curricular commitments before applying for an AP course. Students may drop an AP course only after finishing the first semester.

General Criteria:

  • Solid “A” in pre-requisite course
  • PSAT score within 50% or higher “Predictor of Success” range
  • Positive recommendation from current subject teacher
  • Parental support
  • Strong motivation and commitment to complete the AP class

Those interested in AP courses should request them on the course selection form provided by Student Services and attend the meetings for information specific to each course. (These meetings are typically held in early April, during lunch.) An AP contract, obtained at the meetings, must be returned to the AP teacher for each course a student would like to take.

Honors Program

Providence Christian Academy offers Honor courses for students in grades 8 through 12. These courses are designed to academically challenge students beyond the standard curriculum. Honor courses generally cover more material at a quicker pace while challenging students to think and process at a deeper level. These courses are a great preparation for AP courses.

Students begin the honors selection process by selecting the course(s) on their course selection form. The honors coordinator will gather their PSAT testing information and recommendations from current teachers. New students who miss this process will be evaluated on an individual basis.

General Criteria:

  • Approval by the honors review committee
  • Parental support
  • Strong motivation and commitment to complete the honors course

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