High School Classroom and Testing Accommodations

Classroom accommodations are permitted by Providence for students with current educational-psychological testing. The specific accommodation(s) needed by a student will be assigned based on testing results and recommendations in the Ed Psych. 

  1. Allow student to take tests in a quiet, distraction free, and small group environment
  2. Extended time for testing (+50%)
  3. Tests given orally rather than written 
  4. Allow the use of a Word Bank for tests
  5. Allow the use of a Formula Bank for tests
  6. Allow testing on a different day if several tests fall on the same day
  7. Allow use of an electronic spell checker for writing activities
  8. Allow use of a calculator for math
  9. Reduce the amount of homework given for repetitive work
  10. Allow student to check understanding of directions or test questions
  11. Preferential seating where eye contact can be maintained with the teacher
  12. Allow frequent movement without disrupting the class
  13. Note-taking supplements, i.e. teacher provided outline or notes, a “note-taking buddy” who supplements student’s notes, use of tape recorder to tape lectures
  14. Allow written work to be done on a computer
  15. Allow student to purchase a second set of student books (not the Teacher’s Editions) or to listen to books on tape
  16. Exempt from requirement to transfer answers to bubble sheet (Scantron); allow student to answer directly on test

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