Academics at Providence

Relationships, Rigor, and Results

Since its inception in 1991, Providence has endeavored to provide excellence in Christ-centered education.  As an independent, non-denominational K-12 school, Providence is developing and equipping the next generation to stand strong and firm in their faith. As a learning community, we encourage each student’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth by applying Biblical truth in the context of real life. Because true learning begins by knowing God, our students learn that all truth is God’s truth through each academic discipline. As the threads of truth are woven into a student’s mind on a daily basis, those foundational principles can become the very fabric of his or her life. At that point, mere academic curriculum is transformed into a solid belief system based on a Biblical worldview.

Our curriculum is challenging, exploratory, and integrative from the kindergarten level, through the senior year of high school. The faculty is careful to provide an environment suitable to meet the needs of every student at each level.  Once skills are mastered in the elementary, students move into a college preparatory high school program that is taught within the framework of a Christian world and life view. A challenging and demanding curriculum includes Advanced Placement and Honors courses. In the National Merit Scholarship Competition, Providence students repeatedly earn status as Commended Students and National Merit Scholars.

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