Today's students are growing up in an ever-changing world. Providence Christian Academy has been equipping K-12th grade students to thrive for nearly 30 years. As one of Atlanta's premier Christian schools, Providence is not only known for top-tier academics but for creating transformative experiences that equip students to lead and serve.

The Equip To Thrive Podcast is an in-depth look into how Providence strives to be life-giving and influential. Episodes feature conversations about the "why" behind the mission, programs, and people at Providence that exist to help students thrive and influence for Christ in a world that needs to know Him.

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When K-4th graders gather for chapel, and 5th-7th graders gather for Impact, it is more than just a worship experience. These weekly services are intentionally created to build a worshipping community by providing students opportunities for service, leadership, and relationship building. Mandy Chapman and Paul Taylor Smith share what makes these weekly gatherings such a unique and engaging time to draw students to Christ and each other.

Every September, 5th through 12th grade go away on a retreat called "Encounter." More than just a fun time a camp, this retreat has a higher purpose for students. Middle School Principal Terri West and Providence Johns Creek High School Principal Ken Hunsberger share the heart behind Encounter and how it is impacting our students' lives.

Covenant education is a partnership between home and school. This episode features two mothers of Providence Christian Academy graduates who share how they experienced this partnership and how it affected their students and family. This is the final episode in a three-part series.
In this second episode about covenant education, we explore what this partnership between home and the school looks like the in the day-to-day life of Providence Christian Academy. Headmaster Emeritus Dr. Jim Vaught joins the panel to add his perspective. This is part two in a three-part series.
Providence Christian Academy is known as a "covenant school." But what does that mean? In this episode, Head of School Dr. Sean Chapman and Admissions Director Kim Miller define what covenant education is, explain the philosophical and Biblical underpinnings for it, and talk about why this unique partnership with parents is so important. This is the first episode in a three-part series.